A Question of History: Why Srebrenica?

Earlier this week I attended “Mothers of Srebrenica”, one of hundreds of Srebrenica Memorial Week events taking place in the UK to mark the 20th anniversary of the Bosnia genocide in 1995. The Bosnia genocide is the greatest atrocity to take place on European soil since the Second World War. Yet despite the enormity of […]

Elections 2015: Are we voting for the wrong reasons?

It’s not surprising that following the 2015 UK General Election, many Britons were disappointed with the result. After so much pre-election hype about hung parliaments, TV debates with the seven major parties and possible coalition deals, it seemed like Britain was entering a new era of multi-party politics. Instead we got… a majority Conservative government. […]

Part 4/4 – The most powerful way to start your morning

Is it Weetabix? A good cup of tea? Or perhaps saying “Good morning” to a loved one? No, this way is far better than all of those. A single sentence – that if fully understood – would revolutionise the way we live our lives. It is this:  “All Praise is to God, who gave us […]