Speech Notes

Notes from selected speeches I have listened to. This page will continue to grow.

Disclaimer: These are personal notes are from lectures or presentations that were delivered and are available to download to listen/view in the public domain. They have been typed up by myself in transcript/summary form and thus are not 100% accurate reflections of the lecture or presentation contents, so any error belong to me. They have not been published with the permission of the speakers. They are only personal notes that have been posted here in the hope of sharing the knowledge for all to benefit. 

The Theology of Islam & Imam Hussain – SICM Muharram – Oct 2016
– Part 1/3 – Doctrine vs Belief
– Part 2/3 – The Problem of Suffering
– Part 3/3 – Death and Return

Sheikh Mohammed Al-Hilli – The Book of Guidance – Jan 2016
– The Book of Guidance

Sheikh Mohammed Al-Hilli – Carpenders Park Cemetery – Mar 2016
Carpenders Park Cemetery Visit

Amina Inloes – SICM Muharram – Oct 2015
Night 3 – Islamic Selfishness

Seyed Mustafa Qazwini – Dar Al-Islam, London – April 2015
Night 1: Challenges of raising a family & Night 2: Role of leadership for youth

Seyed Mustafa Qazwini – Hyderi, London – March 2016
– Night 1: Three drivers for self-discipline
– Night 2: Lessons from the marriage of Imam Ali and Fatima Az-Zahra (a.s)
– Night 3: Lessons from the marriage of  Prophet (pbuh) and Bibi Khadijah (a.s)
– Night 4: When spouses focus on selfishness verses self-lessness

Mehdi Hasan – Noor Youth Arbaeen – Feb 2009
Part 1/2 – The Nature of Evil
Part 2/2 – Myths of Muharram

Seyed Hassan Al-Sadr – Noor Youth – Nov 2009
Muharram Majaalis – A Positive Critique

Quotes from “The Alchemist – A fable about following your dream”
By Paulo Coelho, 1992


To come:

Ebrahim Rasool (South Africa) – MCB – June 2014

Khalil Jaffer – The End of Negative Suffering