Finally stopping smoking

Osmoking-186178964ctober is also “Stoptober“, a campaign to encourage people to stop smoking for 28 days. Today’s post is a guest post from Gary who is on his journey to quitting the life-long habit!

My name is Gary, I am a 50 year old male living in the North of England. At the age of 10 I had my first cigarette (foolishly) but I responded to peer pressure and had one because it seemed cool, a lot of the other kids were doing it, as were our parents. I got caught and punished a few times but there was little my parent could because I was well and truly addicted.

As the years progressed I increased my habit, stopped doing as many sports as I used to participate in and by the age of 30 was well and truly a devout 30 cigarettes a day smoker. I have tried many times to quit smoking, in a myriad of ways, from self help books, CD’s, medication and even hypnosis! None of these options worked and I resigned myself to the fact I could probably never quit.

Then a little over 4 months ago I became quite ill due to a pretty painful chest infection. I went to see my local GP who suggested I had Bronchitis and that my smoking was seriously damaging my lungs and heart and that I really should stop.

I had seen people in my local pubs using e-cigarettes so I decided why not give it a go, worth a try, I purchased one from a local shop spending around £40 on the e-cig itself and the various other bits and bobs you need. At first it was a bit weird to get used to, and I was still having the odd cigarette but only for the first few days. I decided I could do it, so I binned all my cigarettes and determined myself to give quitting a go.

Now 4 months later I have not had a cigarette, not one! I feel so much better, healthier and happier. I can breathe without wheezing all the time, I hardly cough anymore. I don’t get short of breath, food tastes amazing and I have saved loads of money.

On top of this I have the added bonus that two very good friends of mine that I have known for forty years have done the same, they said I inspired them to quit, how cool is that?

So if you are a smoker who is struggling to quit try the e-cig route, it really is working for me. Who knows, maybe I will quit that one day!


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