It’s Finally Here – The Voice-Activated Selfie!

It’s finally here folks. The latest Christmas gift you’ll be wanting to buy for your loved ones. It’s at the cutting-edge of human engineering and scientific research. Yes – it’s the voice-activated selfie feature! Only with the Pixel 2 and Google Assistant smartphone! But… sometimes I wonder if I’m the only one who sighs when […]

Moving from despair to hope

How the legacy of Hussain’s inner strength and intense courage, can help us tackle the modern challenges facing society and bring us back from despair to hope. Refugees, war, conflict, explosions, poverty, crime. With such terrible stories dominating news headlines every day, it may seem like gloom has become the default state of our world, […]

Islamophobia – are we being forced to live in a climate of fear?

Yet again another series of violent events in Europe supposedly organised in the name of Islam, has led to greater fear and vigilance of increases in Islamophobic incidents. Muslim communities in Britain are once again being forced to “explain” themselves, as well as deal with potential physical abuse on public transport, places of worship being […]

Plastic Bags – Can 5p change the world?

From 5 October 2015, England will finally introduce a charge for plastic carrier bags. All large supermarkets will legally be required to charge 5p per bag, as part of the UK Government’s environmental push to reduce the use of single-use plastic bags and encourage the use of re-usable bags or “bags for life”. Similar laws […]

Why Women Dominate on Exam Results Day

August is that time of the year in Britain when hundreds of thousands of 16- and 18-year-old students nervously receive their long-awaited GCSE and A-Level exam results. It is a day full of joy and delight for many successful students and their parents, as well as sadness and disappointment for those not getting their desired […]

A Question of History: Why Srebrenica?

Earlier this week I attended “Mothers of Srebrenica”, one of hundreds of Srebrenica Memorial Week events taking place in the UK to mark the 20th anniversary of the Bosnia genocide in 1995. The Bosnia genocide is the greatest atrocity to take place on European soil since the Second World War. Yet despite the enormity of […]

Elections 2015: Are we voting for the wrong reasons?

It’s not surprising that following the 2015 UK General Election, many Britons were disappointed with the result. After so much pre-election hype about hung parliaments, TV debates with the seven major parties and possible coalition deals, it seemed like Britain was entering a new era of multi-party politics. Instead we got… a majority Conservative government. […]